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Personal Information Protection Policy

AHS Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AHS Holdings"), fully recognizing the importance of protecting all personal information and personal identification numbers (hereinafter referred to as "personal information etc.") that it handles and its social mission thereof, and intending to adhere to relevant laws concerning the protection of principals' rights and the protection of personal information etc., while also adhering to the principles and guidelines of supervisory authorities and associations etc., has set out the following basic policy and shall make every effort to implement it.

The acquisition, use and provision of personal information etc. shall be limited to the scope necessary for AHS Holdings to execute business appropriately, hire employees and manage personnel, and AHS Holdings shall not acquire, use or provide such information for any reason other than the objectives of use that are specified. Personal identification numbers shall only be handled within the scope permitted by the law.

AHS Holdings shall adhere to the laws concerning the protection of personal information etc., guidelines set out by the Government of Japan, and other rules.

AHS Holdings shall set out reasonable safety countermeasures and preventive measures to protect against the risk of leakage, loss or damage etc. of personal information etc., shall invest management resources into countering such risks in accordance with the status of its business operations, and shall establish a personal information etc. protection and management framework. Furthermore, AHS Holdings shall also take corrective measures promptly in the event that leakage, loss or damage should occur.

AHS Holdings shall deal promptly and in good faith with any complaints or consultations which are directed to AHS Holdings concerning the handling of personal information etc.

The personal information etc. protection and management framework shall review AHS Holdings' handling of personal information etc. in an appropriate and timely manner based on changes in the environment surrounding AHS Holdings, and shall promote continuous improvement.

Privacy policy

AHS Holdings shall adhere to laws concerning the protection of personal information as well as other regulations and rules, shall set out a "privacy policy," shall make all possible efforts to implement this, and shall make all possible efforts to bring about continuous improvement of its own management framework for the protection of personal information, as an entity handling personal information in accordance with its own Personal Information Protection Policy.

Objectives of the use of personal information

  • In order to exercise rights and fulfill obligations based on the Commercial Law
  • In order for AHS Holdings to gather statistical data that is necessary for carrying out publicity and investor relations (IR) activities.
  • In order to communicate with customers as part of business operations
  • In order to fulfill contracts with customers
  • In order to respond to inquiries and requests from suppliers
  • In order to execute other business operations of AHS Holdings in a smooth and appropriate manner

Obtaining personal information

AHS Holdings shall handle personal information with stringent care using methods which adhere to the law.

Subcontracting of personal information

AHS Holdings may subcontract the processing of all or part of its business operations to an outside business entity in order to ensure that business operations proceed smoothly. Should AHS Holdings do this, AHS Holdings shall select a subcontractor whose handling of personal information is equal to that of AHS Holdings itself, and shall undertake appropriate supervision including supervision of any sub-subcontractor.

Disclosure and provision of personal information to a third party

AHS Holdings shall not disclose or provide personal information to a third party, except for the following situations.

  • If the consent of the principal is obtained
  • If AHS Holdings receives a demand for disclosure as set out in the law etc
  • If the personal information is to be used in a form which does not allow the principal to be specified or identified
  • If AHS Holdings judges reasonably that such disclosure or provision is necessary in order to protect the rights, property or safety etc. of AHS Holdings or the principal

Requests for the disclosure of personal information etc.

Any requests from the principal or agent for the disclosure/correction/termination of usage/deletion etc. of personal information held by AHS Holdings should be communicated to the Personal Information Consultation Desk set out below. AHS Holdings shall then respond to the request appropriately and promptly based on the law and AHS Holdings' regulations, after confirming the identity of the principal or agent. In addition, please be advised that in some cases AHS Holdings may not be able to fulfill requests for the termination of usage/deletion of personal information which is held based on the relevant laws.

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